Applied games

Where learning theory comes into play

We design games with a strong learning purpose at their core, giving the player skills they can apply in the real world and in their jobs for the benefit of your business.  Games are also fun and rewarding experiences that work brilliantly as a mix of digital learning as part of a larger campaign or module and as a standalone experience.


Making compliance fun

We tackle dry, complicated topics with stimulating games that encourage participation.

GDPR Sorted game has been just the ticket for global companies, helping them communicate the complexities of data protection in an easy to consume way.

Cybersecurity Sorted empowers your people to spot the signs of a cyberattack and confidently deal with them in the best way.

Finally Anti-Bribery Sorted, our latest title, helps corporates combat corruption, engagingly training employees about compliance with anti-bribery legislation.


Supporting onboarding and induction

An applied game is a seriously engaging way to welcome new recruits, with a wow factor that will capture attention and communicate your values with maximum impact.

It could be your secret weapon for talent recruitment.


Introducing new processes and regulations

Applied games are experiential and effective at reinforcing knowledge, especially useful if you plan to introduce new processes or new regulations.


Reducing risk in health and safety training

Games are a vital tool in supporting people to confidently apply their learning in a real-world environment. It’s a safe space where your people can learn through trial and error. This learning is particularly useful for new employees who’ve yet to build on-the-job experience and can learn from their mistakes in advance, making them ideal for delivering health and safety training.

Why Sponge?

We’re experts in both game theory and learning theory and have a proven track record of blending the two to create winning combinations that deliver real results to our clients.

From the start, we’ll form close relationships with you and your subject matter experts to conceptualise, develop and produce the right game for the right topic. And we always go one step further when it comes to aesthetics, with our illustrators and designers creating applied games that will meet even the most discerning gamer’s expectations.

We have rigorous QA, device-testing and user-testing protocols that ensure quality for you. We’ll work with you to decide where’s best to deploy and integrate the game within your wider digital learning strategy.

We blend the latest gaming and learning technologies to create games that are playable on multiple devices and work across platforms.

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