Cybersecurity Sorted

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Take a guided tour of Cybersecurity Sorted with Jason Butler, award winning Games Developer.

Cybersecurity remains a major threat to businesses, with the cost of some breaches running into millions, and that’s before you consider reputational damage. Empowering all of your people to spot the signs of a cyberattack and confidently deal with them is the best way to mitigate the threat.

Our seriously engaging game, developed in conjunction with BluescreenIT, gets your people up to speed. Learners play an IT apprentice tasked with keeping the business safe from hackers, phishing and everyday cyber threats, working through the levels to understand the different risks.

5 ways learning games can bolster your cyberdefence
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Our new game can help you embed cybersecurity compliance in your workforce, here’s how:

  • Engaging learners in real-world scenarios embeds deep knowledge in a memorable way
  • Easy to play, fast-paced game with familiar app mechanics
  • Rewards and feedback offer learning points, packaged in a fun experience
  • Encourages critical thinking and decision making that can be applied immediately

You can host the game on your own LMS, or use Sponge's platform to manage and record your learners’ performance. There are a number of content customisation options available, including branding elements and language translations.

“Cybersecurity Sorted is an invaluable tool for instilling cybersecurity awareness in all employees across any organisation. The interactivity and scenario-based gameplay engages staff and promotes learning retention. With cyber threats often caused or exacerbated by human error, businesses need to prioritise employee training as part of their cyber defence strategy. Sponge’s game works so well because it’s an enjoyable way of delivering a serious message.”
Mike Dieroff Bluescreen It
Michael Dieroff UK Chairman of the Digital Policy Alliance’s Security Skills and Partnerships Council and CEO BluescreenIT

GDPR Sorted

The original learning game in the Sorted range, GDPR Sorted is a fast-paced engaging game designed specifically to embed core GDPR principles to reduce the risk of data breach by employees.

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