GDPR - Sorted!

Introducing a fast-paced engaging game designed specifically to embed core GDPR principles to reduce the risk of data breach by employees. Watch our video below...

Read how DPD achieved 90% completion within four weeks of launching GDPR Sorted!

Dpd Gdpr Sorted Ipad

DPD, the leading parcel delivery brand, chose Sponge’s GDPR Sorted game for two reasons. Firstly, the game provided the company with a way to engage all their people on GDPR in a fast and easy way; ensuring sound knowledge and compliance with GDPR, well in advance of the go-live date.

Secondly, DPD had trialed gamification and seen great results, so it made sense for the business to take such an important subject and make it more readily accessible and enjoyable for employees through the game.

GDPR Sorted has enabled DPD to be GDPR compliant, giving the company the confidence that their people know what GDPR is, what's expected of them, and what they must do if they spot something that breaches GDPR.

“The game has changed the way our business looks at compliance training and the gamification of learning in this way means we now have a new tool which we know provides results.”

Paul Sartain, Head of Training and Development, DPD.

The Sponge game team has designed GDPR - Sorted! to embed core GDPR principles to reduce the risk of data breach by all employees.

Research shows that game learning works. An engaging experience, with intuitive game mechanics gives all your employees a base of GDPR knowledge that's reinforced through multiple levels and replays.

GDPR: Sorted! features:

  • Relevant and realistic examples, used in a fun and visually engaging way
  • Achievement and mastery, with successful players progressing through the levels
  • Mobile optimised gameplay, playable on all modern desktop, tablet and mobile platforms
  • Rewards and feedback, mirroring the familiar style of mobile games

You can host the game on your own LMS, or use Sponge's platform to manage and record your learners performance.

"GDPR Sorted ticked every box for me and Krispy Kreme. It took a boring topic and made it more engaging so that employees are quite happy to complete the training."
Nicky Prangley HR Services Manager Krispy Kreme

Find out all about the GDPR - Sorted!
Download this short guide

For more information on how digital learning can help your workforce prepare for GDPR we've produced a workforce training guide called 7 of the most important things to do now on GDPR that you can get here.

"The game provided an engaging platform to deliver consistent GDPR training across the business. The fun, yet informative, nature of the game meant that colleagues were able to take in the key points of the training, whilst having fun at the same time."
Lara-Marie Rivers L&D Manager

Also in the range: Cybersecurity Sorted and Anti-Bribery Sorted 

Cybersecurity Sorted empowers all of your staff to spot the signs of a cyberattack and confidently deal with them in the best way, whilst Anti-Bribery is designed to prevent bribery and corruption in your business

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