Immersive learning

Virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° videos

Virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° videos are powerful learning tools. They immerse the learner in an experience that can help them make vast leaps in expertise, knowledge and empathy.

When it comes to applying VR and AR in learning, the only limit is our imaginations. As the technology becomes more familiar in people’s lives, it’s vital for businesses to deliver workplace learning that keeps pace with learners’ expectations.

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Making the hazardous safe

If you need your people to ‘learn by doing’ but it’s unsafe for them to approach the real environment without a degree of competence and capability, VR is the perfect tool. Create realistic and meaningful health and safety training with no risk to the business or you people.


Bring onboarding to life

Use 360° photography to capture your locations around the globe, allowing new starters to feel connected in large global organisations.


Time-efficient, on-the-job learning

AR is brilliant for delivering information to people when they need it, without disrupting the workflow. By enriching their existing environment, the learner doesn’t have to retain large amounts of information while gaining valuable on-the-job learning experience.


Business continuity

We can create scenario-based learning to equip your learners with the observational and practical skills if the unthinkable should happen. A time and cost-effective alternative to staging elaborate live workplace scenarios.

Why Sponge?

We have experience

Our learning designers know how to work with interactive 360° video, AR and VR to create the most meaningful experience possible for your learners.

We understand the medium

We’re experts at designing immersive learning solutions that take the learner to the next level. We work closely with subject matter experts to get those details right so we can deliver as authentic an experience as possible.

We have a scalable solution

Our mobile AR and VR is flexible across different devices, doesn’t require expensive hardware and can be deployed across diverse locations to reach learners all over the world. We deliver immersive interactive 360° video solution on desktop, tablet or mobile for a flexible solution that suits you and your learners.

Technical deployment expertise

We can work with you closely to support the technical rollout, using the right tools and technologies. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure the finished product truly wows, delivers meaningful business outcomes and works straight out of the box.

Virtual reality for workplace learning

Discover how effective immersive learning can be in our explorative pilot study

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