Question time with games expert at LT15

Posted on Jan 06, 2015

Visitors to Learning Technologies 2015 will be able to meet face-to-face with a games expert who can answer questions on development and design for elearning games.

Sponge’s ‘Games Evangelist’, Jason Butler, will be available at Europe's leading L&D exhibition and conference at Olympia Central, London on January 28 and 29.


I used to work in the independent games sector and I’m now using all the tricks of the trade to bring elearning games to life.

Games are my passion. I’m always talking about them and suggesting new ideas so I’ve gained a bit of a nickname at work as a Games Evangelist.

I’m looking forward to talking about games at Learning Technologies so if you have any questions or comments then come along and see me.”

“Games are becoming an increasingly popular option within workplace elearning and for good reason, they have the power to engage and entertain while allowing people to test their skills in a ‘safe’ environment.

Jason will be joining the Sponge team in the Learning Technologies Exhibition Hall on Stand 112.

Top performing organisations are nearly twice as likely to use highly interactive learning solutions such as games, compared to other companies, according to the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report.

Sponge is also hosting a free Behind the Scenes seminar on Creating Elearning Games Using Interactive Video.

The seminar will explain the process from coming up with the initial ideas, through to the delivery of the final product, using a real-life example to show how games using interactive video can enhance elearning and improve skills.

There are two chances to catch the seminar on January 28 at 11am in Learning Technologies Theatre 4 and on January 29at 12:45 in Learning and Skills Theatre 9.

Registration is available via the Learning Technologies 2015 web site.

Sponge was named Elearning Development Company of the Year at the Elearning Awards in November 2014.