Studio transformation captured in timelapse

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

An ambitious project to transform an empty office floor into a modern elearning studio in less than 24 hours has been captured in a timelapse video.

Leading elearning company, Sponge needed to move 24 instructional designers, elearning developers, visual designers and illustrators to a new floor in its building at Plymouth Science Park to free up much-needed space for its growing workforce.

Head of Elearning Development at Sponge, Alan Bourne, led the project:

“With the help of a team of local desk fitters, network cable engineers and other contractors, we managed to complete the refurbishment and move in record time.

“We set up the timelapse camera as a bit of fun and as a way of keeping a record of our ongoing expansion.

“It’s entertaining to watch 22 hours of hard work distilled down into just 30 seconds!”

“The challenge was to create a pleasant and inspiring new space for our creative teams, and with more staff arriving all the time we had to get the project done in as little time as possible.

A frame grab form the timelapse video

Half way through the transformation there's lots more desks to go in, watch below for the full timelapse video.

During the refurbishment, the Sponge team moved 38 monitors, 17 PCs, 7 Macs, 8 phones and installed a brand new refreshments area.

The award-winning company currently employs more than 50 people and plans to take on a further 50 across the board before the end of the year.

Sponge is one of the largest businesses at Plymouth Science Park and among the first tenants to move to the site.

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