Touchline parents offered elearning to help improve behaviour

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

The menace of unacceptable behaviour by parents whose children play sport is being tackled in a new elearning course.
The 30 minute elearning module called Positive Sports Parent looks at the vital role parents can play in supporting children's participation in sport and how bad behaviour by a minority of parents has a negative impact on everyone involved in the activity.
It was created for sports coach UK in collaboration the NSPCC and the Child Protection in Sport Unit, by leading elearning company, Sponge.
David Turner, Development Lead Officer - Children and Schools at sports coach UK said: “This module is one of three included in the Renewal: Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport elearning course and gives learners the chance to look at an important area of safeguarding they may not have great awareness or experience of.
“It includes guidance for parents and coaches on handling parents whose behaviour may impact negatively on everyone involved in their session or game.
“By the end, learners will have the knowledge and confidence to empower parents to contribute positively to enjoyable sporting experiences for all.”
The elearning includes thought-provoking video clips of children talking about the impact of abusive language and name-calling by parents at training and sporting events. 
Managing Director of Sponge, Louise Pasterfield, said: “We were able to add value to the existing content on the subject including interactive knowledge checks and realistic scenarios so learners can actively engage with the training.
“The module is compact, easy to follow and fully accessible. 
“We hope it helps to make an important contribution towards promoting positive parent behaviour in sport.”
The parental module is part of an online learning series which also covers safeguarding and protecting children and communicating with children in the digital age.

The elearning module is available at