Free webinar to help you reconnect with learners through emotion

Posted on Apr 09, 2015


Techniques for evoking emotion in elearning to boost learner engagement will be offered at an interactive webinar this month.

aAron Pont is presenting the Sponge webinar on emotion in elearning

Award-winning elearning provider, Sponge, will shed light on the importance of emotion and the role it can play within elearning.

The webinar is being presented by Sponge’s aAron Pont, who has more than twenty years’ experience in elearning and teaching. He said: 

“If you’re struggling to engage with your learners, this interactive webinar will provide you with the tools you need to use emotion to reconnect with your learners. I believe we can use emotion to change behaviour, influence people to adopt new concepts and ideas and contextualise content for an authentic elearning experience.”

Pont has worked very closely with teachers and subject matter experts in a range of industry areas, developing elearning and technology solutions for corporates, universities, colleges and schools.

People attending the free webinar will discover:

  • The importance of emotion and its relevance in elearning
  • Real-world ‘emotional’ elearning examples
  • Practical techniques for how to evoke emotion in elearning

The webinar takes places from 12.30-1pm (BST) on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 and registration is available here

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