How has your elearning changed the world?

Posted on Aug 14, 2015


This week we're encouraging instructional designers to shout a little louder about the things they've done that made an impact on the world.

aAron Pont started the week off with his own reflections on how being an instructional designer can really make a difference, and we've already had some great tweets and we'll be featuring them in a round up at the end of the week.

Now we're giving you some ideas that have come from our experience of instructional design to give you some inspiration.

Open source projects play a big part in elearning, especially enabling non-commercial projects to benefit as wide an audience as possible. If you're a contributor you have helped change the world.

#IChangedTheWorldBy contributing to an open source educational tool

Sometimes miss judged learning theories can waste time and negatively impact peoples ability to learn effectively.

#IChangedTheWorldBy debunking potentially harmful elearning theories

Compliance training regularly helps people avoid accidents and identify hazards in unsafe work environments.

#IChangedTheWorldBy helping people work safely

Many elearning projects give support to areas where there are limited opportunities for more traditional learning.

#IChangedTheWorldBy providing learning to underprivileged adults and children around the world

Data security is a popular theme for elearning and the skills it teaches can help protect sensitive data in peoples work and home lives.

#IChangedTheWorldBy helping people protect their privacy

Soft skills like collaboration and teamwork can change the way people interact with one another, something that goes far beyond the working environment.

#IChangedTheWorldBy teaching people the skills to get along

You can tweet out any of these ideas using the twitter icons, or use them as inspiration for your own story of how you changed the world.

We will catch up with the #IChangedTheWorldBy hashtag and tell dome of the stories that have been highlighted in our next blog post.

If you need help changing the world with your next elearning project get in touch.

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