Elliott Masie - Learning professionals need to look at the learner experience

Posted on Feb 23, 2016


Elliott Masie is one of the best known learning experts in the world, he's an author, conference host, learning researcher and even a broadway producer.

Figurehead and founder of the influential Masie center, he held his first learning conference 25 years ago so we started by asking if it's easier or harder for learning professionals now than back then.

The interview covers excitement at future technologies, serious games, personalised learning, mobile learning and what L&D can learn from Broadway.

Questions for Elliott Masie

To make it easier for you to get back to the questions you want to hear again we've listed each question with the time it appears in the interview below.

  • 00:40 - Is it harder for learning professionals now than 25 years ago?
  • 02:50 - What's the most important skill that an L&D professional needs to master today?
  • 05:30 - What are you getting excited about for the future of learning?
  • 07:00 - How far away are we from truly personalised learning?
  • 09:34 - Can you elaborate on your statement "The LMS as we know it now is on the way out"?
  • 12:10 - Are you a fan of elearning games?
  • 14:38 - What are the implications of mobile devices becoming the main access point?
  • 20:11 - Are there lessons that L&D can learn from Broadway?

Read highlights and see video of Elliott Masie in our blog post.

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