Julian Stodd - Social learning theory and practice

Posted on May 06, 2016

Learning strategies

Julian Stodd is our guest on the Sponge elearning podcast

Julian Stodd is an author, speaker and popular blogger who accompanies his insights into social learning and theory with thoughtful illustrations.

His blog has gained a large following thanks to the accessible way he introduces concepts through everyday events.

We'd recommend subscribing to the frequently updated blog at julianstodd.wordpress.com.

You can also follow Julian on Twitter at @julianstodd and find out more about Julian's consulting at seasaltlearning.com.

The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject:

  • 00:45 - What does learning in the Social Age look and feel like for the people at the sharp end, that is the learners?
  • 01:54 - What’s the role of L&D in supporting social learning?
  • 03:27 - What’s the single most important thing you can do to support social learning in your own organisation?
  • 04:44 - Where do organisations go wrong with social learning?
  • 06:10 - What is the role of technology in social learning?
  • 09:07 - Where does curation fit into social learning?

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