Top 25 websites for elearning tips

Posted on Jul 21, 2016


25 top websites for elearning tips
Keep up with the latest trends or focus on specifics with these 25 elearning websites.

We often talk about the abundance of content out there for your learners, the same is true for L&D professionals. Cut down on the browsing and focus on really beneficial resources with our list of 25 websites for elearning tips.

Presented in alphabetical order

  1. Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  2. Bozarthzone
  3. Cathy Moore
  4. CIPD
  5. Clive on Learning
  6. Donald Clark: Plan B
  7. Donald H Taylor
  8. E-Learning 24/7
  9. Elearning Industry
  10. eLearning Learning
  11. Elearning Provocateur
  12. Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS
  13. Flipboard (Abbie Brown)
  14. Julian Stodd’s blog
  15. Kapp notes
  16. Learning in the modern workplace
  17. Learning Solutions Magazine
  18. Learning with 'e's
  19. Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog
  20. TED
  21. The Ed Techie
  22. The elearning coach
  23. The Rapid E-learning Blog
  24. Towards Maturity
  25. Will At Work Learning

Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Tagline: Together we create a world that works better

Read for: A wide variety of content with different sections for your focus. There’s a variety of authors but it’s not a content aggregator, each section is curated by a real person with relevant experience.

The different themes are split into their own RSS feeds so you can follow the relevant stream for you.

Post frequency:  Every day or so, depending on the topic

Main themes: Learning technology, L&D, management, HR


Tagline: Ideas for creating and outsourcing inexpensive elearning solutions, along with general thoughts about the training and development field

Read for: Jane Bozarth regularly contributes to Learning Solutions magazine but you can get more of her learning design advice on her own blog.

Post frequency:  One every: month

Main themes:  Learning design

Cathy Moore

Tagline: Let’s save the world from boring training!

Read for: Practical tips and examples for learning designers. Cathy Moore doesn’t post too often on this blog but each one generates a lot of lively debate from learning designers as they take on board the advice or use the tools that are provided.

It’s another place to look when you’re struggling with a particular topic. If you’re a learning designer who’s facing a challenge, see if it’s been handled on Cathy Moore’s blog.

Post frequency:  One post every two  weeks

Main themes: Learning design, scenarios, action mapping


Tagline: Championing better work and working lives

Read for: Their podcast is a good listen for anyone in HR and you’ll find insights into the latest news stories as well as practical advice for HR and L&D managers.

Post frequency:   One post every day

Main themes: Human resources, management, leadership

Clive on Learning

Read for: Clive Shepard’s considered articles from an experienced L&D professional. Many posts focus on the need for elearning to push forward and improve, a subject that’s common amongst more experienced bloggers in the industry.

There are some practical elearning tips for people who have taken on the need to progress and you’ll find some well laid out articles on the blog.

Post frequency:  One post every two months

Main themes: Learning design

Donald Clark Plan B

Tagline: What is plan B? Not plan A!

Read for: Honest, sometimes outspoken views on learning design and the wider industry.

There are some great links to different learning theorists in the sidebar which could lead you down a rabbit hole of learning inspiration.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: learning technology, Learning design

Donald H Taylor

Read for: A wide-ranging blog featuring inspiration from current events, trends in the industry and learning theory in general.

The updates aren’t too frequent but they’re all substantial.  There is no filter so you’ll know it’s worth reading when it pops up in your RSS reader.

Post frequency:   One post every month

Main themes: Trends, learning technology, learning theory

E-Learning 24/7

Tagline: The truth and realities of elearning

Read for: Craig Weiss is an expert on Learning Management Systems and his blog doesn’t pull any punches when he’s discussing the state of the LMS industry or the latest event.

It’s an honest look at many of the more technical things that L&D teams will struggle with that you won’t find anywhere else.

The non-standard grammar and #jokingnotjoking tone makes it refreshingly clear. This isn’t a commercial blog, and that’s a big part of the charm.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: LMS, authoring tools, events

Elearning industry

Tagline: eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry

Read for: Lots of content from the whole industry. Some posts are more advertorial than others but if there’s a subject you’re interested in within elearning there will be some content on elearning industry.

The different categories are easy to navigate and the layout is pretty good.

There are many more sites under the Elearning Industry banner, including infographics, tags and feeds.

You can also find out about elearning events, press releases and access their directory of elearning providers.

Post frequency:   One post every hour

Main themes: Everything elearning

eLearning Learning

Tagline: Industry insights your peers are reading

Read for: All the content you could ever need. If you’re after a specific topic.  It’s worth searching the elearning learning archives to see what they have.

Your results might be more mixed than they would be from a curated feed, but there’s no denying there’s lots of content available on this aggregator.

Post frequency:   One post every two hours

Main themes: learning technology, learning performance

Elearning Provocateur

Tagline: Provoking deeper thinking

Read for: Australian-based elearning manager, Ryan Tracey shares his thoughts on the latest technologies and how they can be put to practical use for training.

There are also posts about learning theory and events, so if you’re in Australia and want to find out more about the L&D scene, it’s a must follow.

Post frequency:  One post every month

Main themes: Emerging technology, events (particularly in Australia)

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS

Tagline: Learning, Training, Technology & Change

Read for:  Keeping up to date on what’s trending in elearning. This web version of Elliott Masie’s Learning Trends newsletter is published every week and features interesting learning-related news and updates.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: Technology, training, trends

Flipboard (Abbie Brown)

Read for: This curated feed of articles and blog posts is edited by Abbie Brown, Professor of Instructional Technology at East Carolina University.

He collects relevant links and categorises them into two sections. The one we’re most interested in is called “Trends & issues in instructional design, educational-technology & learning-science” .

If you don’t want to trawl through the tech blogs for the relevant learning features, then this is a great way to get the best links in one place.

Although it’s focused on higher education, anyone who wants to keep abreast of technology that has an impact on learning will find something useful on this feed.

Post frequency:  One post every  12 hours

Main themes: Learning technology, VR/AR, mobile learning

Julian Stodd’s blog

Tagline: helping organisations understand the Social Age

Read for: Learning in the social age and insights into new research and thinking about leadership in a modern business. The blog posts are accompanied by Julian Stodd’s trademark watercolour-style illustrations.

Post frequency:  One post every day

Main themes: social learning, leadership, agile

Kapp notes

Tagline: Intelligently fusing learning, technology and business

Read for: Games and gamification research and insights. Karl Kapp writes about the latest research in the field of learning games as well as events and interviews he’s been a part of.

If you’re looking for reliable information on anything to do with games in learning then it’s one of the first places you should look.

Post frequency:  One post every month

Main themes: Games, gamification

Learning in the modern workplace

Read for: Jane Hart’s blog gives you tips on modernising workplace learning.

There’s quite a broad range of subjects but they’re all focused on improving performance and include practical advice.

There’s also a round up post each month which includes links to other blogs. Where else can you find a curated list of the best posts of the month from an elearning expert?

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes:  L&D, organisational impact 

Learning Solutions Magazine

Tagline: Your Source for Learning Technology, Strategy, and News

Read for: Quality articles on a variety of subjects. There are news posts mixed in occasionally, but as you’d expect from a magazine website, the really interesting pieces are long form articles.

Usually written by independent learning consultants, there are fewer advertorial- style posts than other similar sites.

The articles work well on mobile too and the subjects are easy to filter.

Post frequency:   One post every day

Main themes: Learning design

Learning with 'e's

Tagline: My thoughts about learning technology and all things digital.

Read for: The cross-over between higher education and workplace learning with Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor of learning technology in the Plymouth Institute of Education at Plymouth University.

Occasionally, a theme for a blog will take on a life of its own and spread through the elearning blogosphere. The #Blimage challenge is a great example and you can find many of the other blogs on this list joining in with it.

Post frequency:  One post every few days

Main themes: Learning technology, emerging technology, learning theory

Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog

Tagline: Conversations on Captivate, Presenter and eLearning

Read for: If you’re an Adobe Captivate user this blog will prove useful, although there’s not too much content that will be of benefit unless you’re using the tool.

It’s also the place to read about updates to the Captivate software, so it’s a good idea to bookmark it and keep up to date if it’s a big part of your workflow.

Post frequency:  One post every: week

Main theme: Adobe Captivate


Tagline: Ideas worth spreading

Read for: Talks about every subject you can think of, including learning.

Many of the top thinkers in the learning theory world have given a TED talk. The sometimes-controversial speaking platform features short talks from respected figures in their industry.

Check out the link to the learning-related videos and you’re sure to find some inspiration.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: Anything, including learning

The Ed Techie

Tagline: on open education, digital scholarship & over-stretched metaphors

Read for: Martin Weller is Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University and his blog is one of the first places to look for a reasonable and informed view on current events.

Whether it’s Brexit or Pokemon Go, you know it’s going to be a well-thought out piece of writing which is relevant to anyone who is involved with digital learning.

It also has more engagement from readers than many other sites with intelligent comments appearing on most posts.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: MOOC’s, current events, open education

The elearning coach

Tagline: For designing smarter learning experiences

Read for: Learning design and cognitive science that’s relevant to L&D teams. Connie Malamed has a podcast and blog based on her elearning coach website.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: Learning design, cognitive science

The Rapid E-learning Blog

Tagline: Practical, real-world tips for e-learning success!

Read for: This blog is essential if you’re an Articulate Storyline user, but Tom Kuhlmann includes plenty of more general advice for learning designers as well.

Each blog post described techniques for getting the most out of the Storyline software with examples and step by step guides. There’s plenty of discussion on each post from the Articulate user community, so it’s a great place to join in.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main themes: Learning design, Articulate Storyline, Power Point

Towards Maturity

Tagline: Business transformation through learning innovation

Read for: Research, studies and other resources to help you improve your L&D performance.

The chances are you’re already subscribed to Towards Maturity in order to get their frequent reports, but there’s more to the site than just the research data.

Their case studies offer an insight into stories of how performance has been improved by using the insights from their reports.

Post frequency:  One post every week, with more around the report launches

Main themes: Research, case studies

Will At Work Learning

Read for: Cognitive and neuroscience research and its practical application to learning at work.

Will Thalheimer presents a sceptical, informed view on neuroscience and how it’s used to improve workplace learning.

Post frequency:  One post every week

Main theme: Neuroscience

If there are any other websites or online resources that we've missed let us know on twitter @Sponge_UK

Here are the latest suggestions from Twitter, send yours to @Sponge_UK:

Elearning Heroes

Read for: Community based tips and inspiration from Storyline creators Articulate.

Previous entry The Rapid E-learning blog is part of elearning heroes, but this site focuses on a wider range of learning design issues.

Post frequency:  Two posts a day

Main theme: Learning design

The eLearning Guild

Read for: An easily filterable source of various elearning tips and resources.

Much of the research content is available for Guild members only, but there are still articles from the Learning Solutions Magazine (featured above) and other areas like the product and supplier directories that are useful for all visitors.

Post frequency:  Two posts a day

Main theme: Learning design, trends

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