21 top elearning communities

Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Elearning communities

These are the places to share knowledge, ask questions or network with your L&D peers.

Join thousands of other L&D professionals who are learning from each other in these elearning communities. We’ve given you a quick reference guide for making sure your part of the most relevant groups on all platforms.


  1. Training journal forum
  2. CIPD
  3. Learning and Skills Group
  4. Elearning network
  5. The eLearning Guild LinkedIn
  6. Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’
  7. eLearning Global Network LinkedIn
  8. Training subreddit
  9. Training zone
  10. Elearning edge LinkedIn

Learning design

  1. Elearning heroes
  2. eLearning Industry
  3. Moodle community
  4. Adapt community
  5. UX Mastery
  6. Elearning subreddit
  7. Instructional design subreddit
  8. EdTech Google+
  9. Technology in Education Google+
  10. Innovation in Elearning LinkedIn
  11. Work learn mobile LinkedIn


There are some great opportunities online for L&D professionals to build their networks and discuss their challenges with their peers. Some cover a broad range of topics and others specialise, but they all offer a forum for discussion with likeminded professionals.

Training Journal have one our top elearning communities1 Training Journal

“The TJ Forum is a place for L&D professionals to share knowledge and opinions and to discuss any issues they feel affect their professional lives.”

Tap into the knowledgeable and helpful Training Journal readership in their forums. There’s plenty of practical advice to find with a forum search and if you pose a question you’re likely to get a range of thoughtful answers.

 Focus: L&D, training

The CIPD have one our top elearning communities2 CIPD

“Join in the discussion with a Community of thousands of HR and L&D Professionals”

Although the majority of the forums are closed to non CIPD members there are some really interesting HR focused posts in the freely available discussion boards.

The forum is very well moderated and attracts many posts from experienced HR professionals.

No membership numbers are published but the record for daily visits to the community is 7,215.

Focus: professional development, HR

The Learning and skills group have one our top elearning communities3 Learning and Skills group

“The Learning and Skills Group (LSG) is an international community of L&D professionals interested in organisational learning and learning technology with 9,000 members.”

The LSG is the official community of the Learning technologies and Leaning and Skills exhibitions, so if those events are on your calendar then this is the group to keep up to date with.

There are regular webinars as well as the big events for the forum to talk about but there’s plenty of ??

Members: 9,000+

Focus: organisational learning, learning technology

The eLearning network have one our top elearning communities4 Elearning network

“The eLN is the number one source for guidance on best practice and future trends in technology-based learning and development at work, with over 3000 members in the UK and beyond.”

The eLN is built around real world events, the membership does meet online for webinars and there’s a LinkedIn group and Twitter presence too.

Members: 3,000+

Focus: best practice, L&D


The elearning guild have one our top elearning communitiesThe eLearning Guild LinkedIn group 5

“Our goal is to create a place where eLearning professionals can share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build a better industry—and better learning experiences—for everyone.”

Join other members of the eLearning Guild in this LinkedIn group for networking, discussion and the latest news in your favourite professional social network.

Members: 50,500+

Focus: L&D, networking


The elearning industry google plus group is one our top elearning communities6 Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’ Google+

“The largest community of professionals involved in the eLearning Industry”

This group is focused on people who work in learning design, you’ll find job posts and tips for creating learning. It’s run by elearning industry but the content that crops up is different to the LinkedIn group. It’s less moderated.

Members: 5,300+

Focus: L&D, Learning design

The elearning global network is one our top elearning communities7 LinkedIn – eLearning Global Network

“Networking group for professionals working in the eLearning and instructional design industry.”

LinkedIn is perfect for networking, and this group is a great place to start. They encourage debate amongst peers and discussion about a wide range of topics that are relevant L&D and learning designers.

Members: 28,900+

Focus: Global networking

The training subreddit is one our top elearning communities8 Training subreddit

“This subreddit is for training professionals to discuss and share tips regarding adult learning, distance learning, presentation skills, training related software, instructional design, story boarding, e-learning, related technologies and strategies, and more.”

An overarching discussion and links board for all kinds of training.

In reality you’ll find a lot of elearning and ed tech discussion on this subreddit. Reddit users tend to be tech savvy and keep up to date on the latest trends so although this is ostensibly a wide ranging community you’re likely to find a lot of elearning content.

Readers: 710+

Focus: training, with tech featuring often

Training Zone and HR zone have two of our top elearning communities9 Training zone & HR Zone

Training Zone and its sister site HR Zone both feature discussion forums that give you a chance to pose training or HR related questions to other professionals.

Both sites feature blog posts and other content alongside the discussion to offer some more advice and inspiration. If there’s an issue that you’re struggling with it’s worth searching the discussions for someone who’s dealt with it before.

Focus: Training, HR, L&D


Elearning edge is one of our top elearning communities10 Elearning edge  - For Global Learning Strategies LinkedIn

“If you are interested in organizational learning, training and improving human performance of your teams, especially with technology, you are welcome to be a part of this dynamic and vibrant global community.”

One of the more international focused groups on LinkedIn, and one that keeps a fast pace with the updates.

It can offer a different perspective on the usual elearning subjects and there are definitely unique posts in this group that might help identify international trends.

Members: 26,000+

Focus: international trends

Learning design

If you want some inspiration or want to find out about best practices for the design of your learning one of these communities is a good place to start.

We’ve included forums on specific software too, often your best route for advice or support on a particular learning tool is to ask other users. Happily, many software developers have embraced this approach and created communities around their tools which make it easy for users to talk to each other.

Elearning heroes is one of our top elearning communities11 Articulate - Elearning Heroes

‑learning pros are sharing ideas right now.”
“Tap into the mother lode of creativity, experience, and imagination. E

Articulate have built up an engaged and friendly community that’s ready to help when you run into issues with their software, or offer guidance if you’re planning your next elearning project.

There’s a popular discussion platform that allows anyone to start a thread and reply to others. The best part is that you’ll often find the Articulate moderators and staff members chip in with some useful posts.

Take part in an elearning challenge and see how your peers solve the same problems.

They also maintain a list of real world events focused on learning design, so you can meet up in person as well as online.

Members: 330,000+

Focus: Learning design, Storyline and Studio software

Elearning industry has one of our top elearning communities12 eLearning Industry LinkedIn

“We are proud to have some of the Top-Notch eLearning Professionals in the eLearning field share their knowledge, wisdom, experience and inspiration.”

eLearning industry’s presence on LinkedIn keeps you up to date on the latest posts and news from one of the most popular online elearning sites.

If you’re a daily LinkedIn user, then joining this group will give you a heads up on when to check out the main site for new or interesting content.

Members: 92,000+

Focus: Learning design, L&D

Moodle has one of our top elearning communities13 Moodle community

“Get support from the community, share ideas and meet others in a community of your preferred language below.”

The open source Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle has a community of users from all over the world contributing to their many discussions around using and developing for the platform.

There are separate forums for a variety of languages and the members range from total beginners to seasoned veterans.

Membership numbers aren’t available but over 21,000 new discussions were started in 2014.

Focus: Moodle themes, plugins and features, general open source development

Adapt has one of our top elearning communities14 Adapt learning community

“The central place for all discussions in the Adapt Learning Community. Everyone is welcome to ask related questions, make suggestions and leave comments.”

If you’ve used the Adapt framework or authoring tool to create responsive elearning then you’ve probably visited the community website.

There are thousands of members and the discussions range from help with installing the authoring tool to tips on getting the most out of the new features.

It’s also the place to keep up to date on the latest releases of the framework and authoring tool.

Founded: 2013

Members: 900+

Focus: Adapt framework and authoring tool, responsive learning content


UX mastery is one of our top elearning communities15 Uxmastery.com

“A place to seek & share UX advice”

Great learning designers don’t limit themselves to eLearning centric groups. Places like UX Mastery can help with UI/UX design issues, and there are many more for graphics, code, tech development and so on.

The discussion forums are straightforward and offer practical tips and solutions to user experience that are relevant to learning design.

Members: 1,600+

Focus: User experience, user interface design

16 Elearning subreddit

“This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the techniques, difficulties and joys of creating, applying and evaluating elearning of all types.”

The way Reddit works means that you’ll often only spend a few minutes on this actual site before seeing a link off to something interesting.

The fact that it’s not affiliated with any organisation and operates with very little moderation means that there are  often links which you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Readers: 960+

Focus: learning design,

17 Instructional design subreddit

“Subreddit related to anything instructional design.”

There’s some crossover here with the training and elearning subreddits but if you want to drill down on instructional or learning design posts then this is a good option.

Readers: 950+

Focus: learning design

The Edtech google plus group is one of our top elearning communities18 EdTech Google+

“The EdTech Google+ community is a place where educators, technologists, students, researchers, connoisseurs and enthusiasts can discuss the multifaceted role of technology in education.”

A general group for anyone who’s interested in education technology. There’s a lot of focus on higher education and schools but you’re sure to find something interesting for your learners if you dip in and out of the group.

Members: 44,000+

Focus: Educational technology

The technology in education google plus group is one of our top elearning communities19 Technology in Education Google+

“Home for discussion, collaboration and sharing of resources on Technology in Education”

A broader community that looks at a wide range of technology in all types of education. There are so many members that updates happen quickly and you’re more likely to find a discussion around a topic developing in this group than many others.

Members: 206,000+

Focus: Educational Technology

Innovation in elearning is one of our top elearning communities20 Innovation in Elearning LinkedIn

“Innovation in Elearning brings together people interested in sharing innovative ideas, great case studies, forward-looking insights and best practices about elearning.”

This group, started by Sponge, has an international membership that shares an interest in the latest techniques and opportunities for elearning.

Members: 780+

Focus: Innovation, emerging technology, research, news


Work Learn Movile is  one of our top elearning communities21 Work Learn mobile LinkedIn

“Our mission is to encourage smarter use of mobile in the workplace. Helping each other master mobile!”

Learn from experienced mobile learning practitioners and read up on their experiences. As a focused group you’re more likely to find relevant content when you need it.

Members: 3,900+

Focus: mobile learning, multi-device

If you belong to any communities that are valuable for L&D professionals that didn’t make this list, please let us know via twitter @Sponge_UK .

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