Cyber security: Bring the risks to life for your workforce webinar

Posted on Oct 27, 2016


Cyber security expert Mike Dieroff joins Sponge's Katie Hall and Liam O'Meara to discuss cyber security training in a modern workplace.

Learn about the threats to your business from cyber security breaches and how learning designers can tailor strategies and content to help your workforce face them.

Subjects that are discussed

  • What are the real risks?
  • The issues L&D face when upskilling people on cyber security
  • Achieving behavioural change
  • Awareness and engagement
  • Skills development
  • Reinforcements

Ask an expert

Jason Plunkett, Senior Solutions Advisor, Sponge

Working with large, global organisations, Jason advises on appropriate learning technologies that match specific needs and challenges.

He specialises in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector as well as cyber security and data protection issues.


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