Download: 5 ways to impact the bottom line with digital learning

What’s really keeping CEOs awake?

Today’s senior business leaders are grappling with the toughest set of problems for a generation. With political, social, technological and environmental factors bearing down on business, what are CEOs losing the most sleep over?

We've collected 5 articles that will spell out how digital learning can help you meet the challenges of a modern business leader.

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01 Upskilling your leaders for change

44% of change initiatives fail, Liam O'Meara, Head of Sales & Marketing explores why that is. Using the leading theories and research he explains why leaders are the key to unlocking change.

Case study: Discover how the Royal Mail supported change through leadership training for 6,500 operational managers.

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02 Customer engagement skills - Why they’ve become top priority for sales staff

When 40% of consumers are willing to shop elsewhere after a poor customer experience, a big change is needed in your learning approach. Stephen Miller, Head of Platform Solutions, makes the case for growing sales staff knowledge in order to compete in the crowded retail sector. 

Case study: Toyota needed to increase sales and customer satisfaction, they achieved this through increasing product and sales knowledge with a company wide training platform.

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03 Cyber security - The battle business can't afford to lose

The cost of cyber breaches to business is forecast to reach over $2 trillion by 2019, and many of those breaches are due to people. Jason Plunkett, Senior Solutions Advisor, explains how a digital learning programme that targets three main areas can reduce your risk.

GDPR: The biggest change to data laws for a generation comes into force in May 2018, is your training ready?

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04 The new age of onboarding for a blended workforce

Lucy Gibbs, Solutions Advisor, outlines the latest innovative approaches being taken to onboarding in a workplace that's increasingly looking to temporary workers to fill jobs. Learn why your company values matter for everyone, especially in a global organisation, and how the future of onboarding is digital.

Case study: Pre-boarding and an engaging learning programme helped save Specsavers £170,000.

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05 CSR and sustainability - Engaging your workforce in values and strategy

76% of millennials regard business as a force for positive social impact, whether competing for customers or employees, Kelly Bradley, Senior Solutions Advisor, explains how social responsibility is becoming more and more important.

Case Study: Coca-Cola supported it's ongoing Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability programme with a mobile friendly digital learning course.

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