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What the experts say

A business briefing

Get to the heart of onboarding challenges and how to solve them with insights from key people in successful companies.

Put your challenge in perspective with data on the effects of a good and bad induction, employee turnover and length of onboarding programmes then dive into how leading companies are improving their employees experience with a series of interviews and articles.

“One of the most valuable things we can do as learning professionals is share our ideas and experiences. This business briefing does just that, offering insights from people working within different aspects of the onboarding process.”
Circle Liam Omeara Sponge
Liam O'Meara Head of Sales and Marketing Sponge


The onboarding challenge in numbers

Statistics on onboarding from analysts and researchers

Get familiar with the challenges that you're facing when onboarding new starters with a look at the most relevant data.


Onboarding global teams

Delivering consistency

Gill Palfey-Hill, Director of People Development and Talent at Specsavers talks to us about their approach to bringing on new employees across the world.


The engine for continuous onboarding

Learning reinforcement

There's a fundamental problem with the way some organisations are onboarding their staff. Our experts explain how a simple change can make your onboarding more effective for your employees and your company.


A talent for onboarding

Retaining employees

As Talent Resourcing Manager at YBS Group, Hannah Porter has a focus on strategic aspects of resourcing and talent. She talks us through the link between onboarding and talent and offers advice for building a careers framework in your organisation.


Onboarding for remote workers

Keep it personal

Julie Wedgwood, Head of Learning Strategy at Sponge, makes the case for learner focus and how to maintain it whilst the demographics of the modern workplace are changing rapidly.


Get onboard with change

Trends for the future

A conversation with Jasmine Kelland, Academic in Human Resources Management at Plymouth University, that takes in how onboarding is changing with the workplace, how a digital approach fits in and the trends that are shaping the future of onboarding.

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