Sponge Video: Retail Rework

How to upskill retail associates for success

Retail Rework is a 5 part video series that pinpoints 5 ways to equip your retail workforce for success in today’s changing sector. In this golden age of consumer choice, retail associates are more important than ever before.

Each video balances bottom line business needs with the challenges facing frontline store associates.

Onboarding and talent

Sponge’s Liam O’Meara looks at how to get retail associates up to speed quickly and keep talent in the business.

Sales and product knowledge

Julie Wedgwood, Head of Learning Strategy at Sponge looks at how to close the employee knowledge gap in retail.

Mobile and microlearning

As retail becomes more agile, Charlotte Bryce of Sponge looks at how to make sure learning solutions meets the needs of busy retail associates.

Safety and security

How to rethink retail safety, compliance and ethics training with Katie Hall, Senior Learning Designer, Sponge

Customer service and experience

How to strengthen customer service skills and empower store associate to keep customers coming back, with Sponge’s Liam O’Meara.

Download our workforce training guide and put the lessons from Retail Rework into action in your business.

Download: Top 3 ways to drive loyalty, sales and profit in retail

A Workforce Training Guide

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