Top 3 ways to drive loyalty, sales and profit in retail

A Workforce Training Guide

Changing preferences, the desire for experiences, the new ‘less is more’ shopping ethos, greater expectations, and on-demand shopping are among the customer-driven changes. Skilled and knowledgeable employees are central to meeting the challenges of retail today.

This guide focuses on the top three ways to drive customer loyalty, increase sales and protect profits through innovation in workforce training.

“Skilled and knowledgeable employees are central to meeting the challenges of retail today.”
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Liam O’Meara Head of Sales and Marketing Sponge
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3 ways to win on customer loyalty

In an era where customers are calling the shots, how do you get them and then keep hold of them? It’s not all about prices and loyalty cards, far from it. Today, loyalty is based on emotional connections too, so personalisation and engagement are essential.

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3 ways to win on retail sales

The most obvious way of achieving sales is to know what your customers want, make sure you have it, and have the most knowledgeable, helpful staff to ensure a great experience when they buy it. Sounds easy, but not everyone’s getting it right.

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3 ways to win on profit

Loss of profit is a massive challenge for the retail sector. The good news is that it is possible to get losses under control – if there is a willingness to invest in prevention measures.

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Liam O’Meara, Head of Sales & Marketing, Sponge

Liam has worked with some of world’s biggest brands to create programmes that embed leadership throughout the organisation by leveraging digital learning.

He has worked in a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, distribution and retail.

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