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Posted on Oct 06, 2017

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This video shows you how to strengthen customer service skills and empower store associates to keep customers coming back.

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Emma Brock

Great customer service leads to more sales, but it's not always easy to get the equation right.

In this video we're pinpointing how better training can help retail associates deliver outstanding customer service. Customers aren't what they used to be, they know more, they challenge more, they expect more, but one thing hasn't changed, they love good customer service.

Vox pops

"You get used to rude customers, but it's never nice"

"I try really hard to give good customer service, but not everyone cares as much as I do"

"I know the face, when customers are going complain I try to avoid them, or call my team leader"

Emma Brock

As the sector moves away from a transaction based activity to an experienced led one, are training needs being met?

Liam O'Meara

You only have to look at how online retailing has absolutely transformed the retail sector, but the high street still exists. So actually, when people come into store we have to make sure they have the best possible experience because, if it was simply a case of making the purchase, they would have made it online.

Really what we need to do in terms of the retail environment is focus on that customer service element, really give people the skills and experiences to be able to be superb at the customer service, but then give them the tools and quick access guides to be able to get hold of the information they need very quickly in the live environment.

Emma Brock

knowledgeable, trained retail associates are worth their weight in gold and as retail changes they'll become even more important to customer service.

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