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Posted on Oct 04, 2017

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As retail becomes more agile, Charlotte Bryce of Sponge looks at how to make sure learning solutions meets the needs of busy retail associates.


Emma Brock

The retail sector, also known as, the deskless workforce. During this video we'll look at how to create effective training for busy retail associates.

Today's workers are stressed, distracted and overwhelmed, and this is even more apparent in the retail sector. Store associates are in the firing line of the sectors main challenges but quite often their needs are just not being met.

Vox pops

"It's so hard to stay on top of the latest product information, it changes so quickly"

"Customers these days do their research and they know a lot about products, so they expect you to know the same"

"It is really embarrassing when a customer asks a question about a new product and I don't know the answer"

Emma Brock

Shifting learning to mobile and tablets will help, but what about the challenge of time?

Charlotte Bryce

Topics covered:

Microlearning is a game changer for all organisations but specifically retail because it allows store associates to train at a pace that fits into their day job.

Traditionally retail staff were taken off the shop floor to attend face to face training sessions or extensive elearning courses. They're busy with customers all day so having a microlearning session of up to 5 minutes doesn't disrupt what they're here to do.

Your staff are already using mobile devices with your customers, so why not provide their essential training in the same way.

Emma Brock

In a nutshell, your retail associate will find it easier to learn if their training is short, regular and available, at any time and anywhere.

In our next video we'll look at the challenges of creating a good compliance culture in retail.

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