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Posted on Oct 05, 2017

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How to rethink retail safety, compliance and ethics training with Katie Hall, Senior Learning Designer, Sponge.


Emma Brock

Retail, like any sector, has it's fair share of regulations. In this video we'll be focusing on compliance and ethics in the retail sector and how to truly engage retail associates in long term behavioural change.

Compliance matters, but it's very hard to get a retail associate to connect, what with everything else they have to do.

Vox pops

"There are so many rules and regulations you have to know, but there's not enough time to get your head around them all"

"What really gets on my nerves is spending time that I don't have doing training that I just don't need"

"I know it's important but some of the things we have to learn are just really dull - we kind of just grin and bear it"

Emma Brock

There's a big difference between knowing and applying the rules, but many training programmes in the retail sector still focus on completion.

So how can retailers turn this around?

Katie Hall

Compliance shouldn't be thought of as a one hit wonder, it actually is changes to behaviours and attitudes that will make the real difference.

We can achieve this through a variety of approaches which both bring the learning to life as well as making it personal for the individual.

Making a behaviour change can only be achieved through initial engagement followed by chances to embed the learning.

Successful compliance projects we've worked on in the past have used a combination of games and scenarios which both engage the learner and allow them to be reflective.

Emma Brock

Compliance programmes need to be personalised, relevant and dare I say it, even fun. By doing so retailer can create a safe and ethical culture where retail associates can take responsibility rather than just learning the rules.

In our final video of Retail Rework we look at one of the most important challenges in retail: Customer service.

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