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Posted on Oct 03, 2017

Learning strategies


Julie Wedgwood, Head of Learning Strategy at Sponge looks at how to close the employee knowledge gap in retail.


Emma Brock

knowledge is the new battleground for retail.

This video focuses on a tricky problem for retail: How to develop knowledgeable sales staff in a busy retail environment where there's no room or time to learn.

Vox pops

"It's super busy, and I like that, but it does make it hard to fit in things like team meetings and training"

"I work a late shift so I need the flexibility, don't expect me to be around 9 to 5"

"There's just never enough time when you work in retail"

Emma Brock

Your store associates need to know their stuff, because you can bet your customers have done their homework, but that's not easy to achieve in today's omnichannel environment.

Julie Wedgwood

Anyone who works in retail knows that product knowledge is a key factor in the success of any store.

One of the first things I would think about is actually making sure that the learning or any product knowledge development occurs in store, not out of context. You see a lot of mobile phone use and a lot of tablet use, that hardware can also be used for product learning.

It's really seeing that product knowledge development is as important as keeping the store well stocked.

Emma Brock

Improved product knowledge in retail creates confident store associates, happier staff and ultimately an increase in sales. It's set to become even more important as customers increase their expectations.

Join us in the next episode of Retail Rework where we'll be exploring microlearning and how it can help support an overwhelmed worker thrive in the fast paced world of retail.

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