Webinar: How to empower deskless workers for better performance

Posted on Dec 01, 2017



Deskless workers are the focus of an interactive webinar this month aimed at highlighting ways to improve learning and development for this hard to reach group of employees.

The live session will equip learning professionals with new ideas for engaging deskless workers, who often find themselves on the periphery of corporate life, despite playing a vital role in the organisation.

The webinar, How to empower deskless workers for better performance, takes place on Tuesday, 12 December 12.00-12.30pm (GMT).  

According to research by Google, around 80% of global workers don’t work behind a desk, across industrial sectors including retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation.

“We’re standing up for deskless workers, who are often overlooked and poorly served by corporate learning,” said Liam O’Meara, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sponge. “They may be part-timers, contract workers or shift workers. They don’t have much time to spend training as their roles are highly operational. Even getting hold of them can be a challenge, as many won’t have a corporate email address.

“But these are often the people who are the public face of your organisation, with the closest customer contact. They are on the frontline, doing the hard work of businesses. They may not be in strategic roles but the micro-decisions they make on a daily basis have an impact on the performance and reputation of the world’s biggest companies.”

The webinar comes as the trend towards deskless, agile working grows worldwide.  Research by Global Workplace Analytics reveals that among the top Fortune 1000 companies employees spend up to 60% of their time away from a desk.    

JD Dillon, principal learning strategist at Axonify is joining the webinar to share his many years’ of expertise in designing learning for deskless workers. He said: “It has historically been difficult to impossible for large organisations to support their deskless employees. Now, with modern principles and right-fit tech, L&D can finally balance their ability to provide personalised support with the scale of a global enterprise.”


How to empower deskless workers for better performance

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During the 30-minute webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why deskless workers are critical to business performance
  • How technology can enable a continuous learning experience
  • How to fit learning experiences into the deskless workflow
  • The role of frontline managers in driving development through coaching and resources

Throughout the webinar attendees will be able to ask questions and share their own experience through a series of live polls.    

The session is free to attend, register for the webinar here.

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