It’s game on at Learning Solutions

27-29 March 2018

Posted on Mar 22, 2018

We'll be throwing the spotlight on the power of games in workplace learning, when Sponge's managing director Louise Pasterfield and award-winning developer Jason Butler attend a major conference in the US.

They’ll be hosting a session, 5 Powerful Ways to Use Games in Elearning, on the opening morning of The Elearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference & Expo taking place at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida on 27-29 March 2018. It’s one of three opportunities to join Louise and Jason at the event, as they demonstrate how games can improve performance and results.

During the presentation, they’ll be exploring the rationale behind learning games. Attendees will gain an understanding of how games instil learning, improve decision-making and affect behaviour change.

They’ll also learn how games meet a wide spectrum of business challenges such as workplace safety, customer engagement and leadership development. And, getting to the nitty gritty of measurable results, they’ll see examples of where organisations are benefiting from incorporating games in their learning programmes.


5 Powerful Ways to Use Games in Elearning

Salon 5/6 Room | 27 March | 10:45-11:45

Session 107

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Louise and Jason will also have the answers to two of the most frequently asked questions by L&D: “How do you align an elearning game to a business challenge?” and “Is it possible to balance playability and practicality in a corporate setting?”

Louise, a regular speaker at elearning events around the world, is the founder of Sponge and has over 20 years of experience in learning and design: “I’m very excited about the future of games in workplace learning,” she said. “This trend will grow. However, for games to have an impact, they must be aligned to learning needs and business goals. That’s the secret, and we’re looking forward to sharing it at the conference.”

Earlier on Day 1, Louise is facilitating a Morning Buzz session, Using Learning Games in Online Training (MB03, 07:30-08:15).

Jason – dubbed Sponge’s ‘Games Evangelist’ – joined the company after previously working as a creator in the indie games sector. In 2017, he was the first-ever Learning Developer of the Year at the Learning Technologies Awards in London.

Jason uses game thinking to transform learning from a ‘have to’ experience to an immersive ‘want to’ experience, increasing engagement and improving results at some of the globe’s best-known brands: “By adding the functionality of game engines, we can have the best of both worlds – game play and learning.”

"For games to have an impact, they must be aligned to learning needs and business goals. That’s the secret, and we’re looking forward to sharing it at the conference."
Quote Louise Pasterfield
Louise Pasterfield Sponge

There’s another chance to catch Jason and Louise when they demonstrate game-based learning at DemoFest (Weds, 28 March, 17:00 – 18:30).  They’ll be giving people the chance to try an elearning game developed by Sponge for IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s leading road safety charity. The game helps motorists learn about road distractions and stopping distances with the aim of promoting better driving in the UK.

Learn more about the event: Learning Solutions 2018 Conference & Expo.

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