Download: 4 ways to be courageously creative in learning

Generate new ideas and innovative solutions to engage learners and deliver extraordinary results for your business.

A Sponge workplace learning guide

Creativity can transform learning for employees and help organisations meet their toughest challenges, but creativity is often hard to quantify, so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

This new guide redresses the balance by offering practical tips and ideas on how to inject greater creativity into learning programmes, with insights on the role of creativity in business and innovation.

Aimed at L&D professionals, the resource offers four paths to creativity, along with real life case studies from global companies.

“By embracing creativity in learning, we believe L&D can achieve more for the business, innovate for success and motivate employees to perform at their best.”
Quote Louise Pasterfield
Louise Pasterfield Founder and Managing Director Sponge



A journey worth taking

Outlining the evidence and data showing creativity as a positive driver of success and innovation in business.


Barriers to creativity

The most common obstacles to creativity for people working in Learning & Development.


4 paths to creativity

1. Discover - How to maximise creativity through human-centred design

2. Challenge - How to champion creativity by communicating the value

3. Create - How to nurture creativity by starting small to think big

4. Unleash - How to harness creativity by reducing risk through collaboration


Practical tips for greater creativity

Useful tools and activities to get started with creative thinking and learning innovation.

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