Play cybersafe: 5 ways learning games can bolster your cyberdefence

Download the Sponge workforce training guide

With training and expertise posing the number one barrier in managing the insider threat, this download explores a new way for companies to educate and engage employees on cybersecurity.

Games differ from ‘traditional’ training methods and offer unique opportunities to help people learn and apply knowledge, while driving participation and engagement.

If you’re planning a cybersecurity training strategy or looking for fresh ideas to improve existing programmes, this guide will bring you up to speed on learning games and their role in turning your people into your strongest line of defence.



Inside the insider threat

Digging into the detail of the insider threat and challenging assumptions about the employee risk.

of incidents caused by insiders were accidental


Trouble with training

Examining the current performance of cybersecurity training and why it needs an overhaul.

of general staff get cybersecurity training


What’s a learning game?

Explaining what constitutes a learning game and outlining the differences and similarities to video games.

higher skill-based knowledge


How the evidence stacks up

Setting out the research from education and the corporate sector on the effectiveness of game-based learning.

higher confidence levels


5 ways to help people stay cybersafe

  1. Experiential - Learning through doing and experience.
  2. Positive failure – Getting it wrong and learning through error.
  3. Replayability – Repetition and practise to embed knowledge.
  4. Engagement – Motivating people to participate and keeping them engaged.
  5. Flexibility – Designed to fit into the way we use technology.

of insider incidents used phishing


Embedding data security principles at DPD

Revealing how a global business is using a game to educate people about data privacy and ensure GDPR compliance.

completion in 4 weeks

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