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Sponge launches FREE cybersecurity training to help individuals, employees and businesses stay cybersafe.

Help to stay safe as cyber criminals seek to exploit individuals and home workers via COVID-19 related online scams.  

With the UK government urging employees to work remotely where possible, the increase in cybersecurity risks from employees working outside a trusted office environment have soared in the wake of COVID-19. And, as National Cyber Security Centre’s Director of Operations, Paul Chichester, explains, “We know that cyber criminals are opportunistic and will look to exploit people’s fears, and this has undoubtedly been the case with the coronavirus outbreak.” 

Phishing video from the Cybersafety during COVID-19 learning module

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Recognising the increase in cyberthreats posed to homeworkers, and inspired by a recent project to update a global pharmaceutical company’s 2019 cybersecurity training, Sponge quickly mobilised its workforce to create the training in less than a week. Led by Sponge’s Learning Experience Director (LExD), Michelle Connon-Roodt, with Sponge’s IT Network and Security Manager, Jeremy White, as subject matter expert, the learning module delivers essential cyberhygiene in three short modules.  

Cybersafety during COVID-19 learning module includes...

The first section of Sponge’s training covers how to protect yourself against phishing attacks related to COVID-19 with questions including ‘does this sound phishy to you?’ and ‘would this scam trick you?’ The second section includes an explanation of hacking, as well as cyberhygiene tips for connecting safely online while working from home. And the third section covers essential facts about password security and a quiz prompting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses.  

Sponge’s Learning Experience Director and creator of the new learning module, Michelle Connon-Roodt, commented, “We were approached by a client's global IT security team to make essential updates to their existing training to address potential threats associated with the coronavirus outbreak. It was their proactive response to the situation, as well as escalating risks posed by cyber criminals exploiting COVID-19, that inspired us to work on a learning module that we could quickly make available to everyone – individuals and employees – for free.

With our reputation and expertise in digital learning, we knew that we were well placed to quickly create and share essential information that could help defend employees and businesses against the rising tide of cybercrime. In these uncertain times, we’re pleased to offer our support to organisations focused on business continuity.
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Michelle Connon-Roodt Learning Experience Director Sponge

Customise your cybersecurity training...

For businesses requiring a more tailored solutuon to cybersecurity training in the wake of coronavirus, Sponge is able to customise its ‘Cybersafety during COVID-19’ learning module including company logos and links to resources. The module can be hosted via Sponge’s next gen learning platform, Spark, powered by Bolt, or SCORM packaged as required. For a completely bespoke digital learning solution, speak to the Sponge team about rapid turnaround initiatives to support business continuity in these challenging times.

The launch of the free cybersecurity training follows Sponge’s recent release of a free game, originally created for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, to raise awareness and promote the use of correct techniques for handwashing.

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Get Cybersafe Now

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