Learning campaigns

Creating a continuous culture of learning

When you need to create long term change that will support your employees and shape your business for years to come, learning campaigns can be the key to success.

Our learning campaigns combine elements of all our digital learning solutions as well as face-to-face training and teaser campaigns. Here’s a flavour of what we can do:

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Tackle the big challenges

Maybe your business is undergoing big changes, a digital transformation or unforeseen growth. A learning campaign is a holistic approach that takes your people on a journey and helps educate and empower them throughout transformation. Our year-long customer service campaign with AXA used a blend of approaches and technologies to achieve some astonishing results including a 113% increase in positive customer comments and a 24% reduction in formal complaints.


Invest in your people

Learning campaigns are a great way to show your people that you’re invested in them, which can be a fantastic way to retain your best talent and encourage people to take ownership and drive business results.


Changing the perception of L&D

In some businesses, learning doesn’t get the limelight it deserves. Marketing is a key component of any successful campaign, learning campaigns are no different. We’ll work with you to create promotional materials and the right internal messaging to make sure the learning is well received, lands with real impact and has brilliant visibility within your organisation.


Influencing behaviour for lasting change

Behaviour change takes time. For large-scale and sustained change, you need to think of a learning campaign as a long-term commitment. We can work with your managers to come up with strategies to embed learning, making sure they have everything they need to drive the campaign forward. We can also devise a sustainable series of learning interventions that will maintain engagement and knowledge over time. With all the right elements in play, success will come after weeks, months or longer with continuous support, practice and reinforcement.


Identify and bridge your skills gaps

We work with companies to find out what skills and knowledge are needed for employees to perform successfully; we work together and highlight the gaps to work out the interventions needed. We’re experienced in running learner workshops to really get to know the people who will be experiencing the learning and the challenges they face in their daily working life.

Why Sponge?

We’ve designed successful learning campaigns for global businesses. We know that creating a winning campaign is a labour of love; you must have a real understanding of the daily challenges learners and their team leaders are experiencing. We work closely with people at all levels across the business, digging deep to develop a human-centered approach that creates true impact. We’re experts in digital learning and we’re also passionate about our people-first approach.

Download: How to apply learning campaigns to your organisation

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