Reinforce learning to maximise impact

Reinforce for success

For learning impact to be maximised, it must be continually reinforced.

Having laid the foundations of knowledge through formal learning, a well-designed workplace reinforcement programme will ensure knowledge is retained and applied on the job, significantly increasing business impact.

Learning Reinforcement Digram

Repetition is human nature

The human brain actively suppresses information to avoid overload. The trouble is, it doesn’t always retain the important stuff! 

Humans have always used repetition to gain new skills and knowledge. Infants learn to stand by trying, failing and trying again, achieving marginal gains until they master the task. Learning in the workplace is no different. Scientific studies over many years have shown the importance of revisiting knowledge to ensure mastery. 

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The most important factor in the success of learning

Adaptive microlearning

Microlearning content delivered daily through question sets lasting just three to four minutes. Intelligent built–in algorithms adapt the questions continuously to provide personalised, continuously evolving reinforcement and live learning experience.

Games and gamification

Fun fosters engagement and leads to deep learning. Through games and gamification we create continuous feedback and learning loops to drive topic mastery.

Social engagement and communications

Structured social media and marketing campaigns ensure key knowledge is recalled from your formal programmes. Tactical activities encourage your workforce to apply their knowledge.

Mobile delivery

Nothing is more powerful for learning reinforcement than engaging colleagues on the job, at their moment of need, on the device of their choice.

By putting mobile delivery at the heart of all our learning reinforcement solutions, we help your workforce access this inflow learning.

Analytics and refinement

By collecting data and analysing it, we’re able to meet the needs of your learners and continually refine the reinforcement they need to meet live business requirements.

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