Targeted learning for maximum impact

Because it can be accessed anytime, anywhere; microlearning is a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced, demanding workplaces.

If your people can’t afford time away from the day job, but you still want to support their skills and development, microlearning is the solution.

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Relevant, on-demand and at the point of need – the key to successful microlearning

We find it works best when it’s done on the job, or alongside the skill or knowledge that people need to master, short quizzes, email prompts. We design training that works on any device and people enjoy doing, so they’re keen to embrace it and take part.


Get your people up to speed quickly

If you need to quickly and efficiently upskill your sales recruits with new product knowledge and updates on latest offers; on-demand microlearning is your perfect partner – helping learners build confidence quickly, through easy to consume content and reinforcement.


It’s sustainable and measurable

Microlearning supports long-term change. You can achieve big changes over time through a targeted and sustainable approach. And because knowledge is constantly reinforced and refreshed, you can deliver relevant, focused content to meet your business and learner needs and we’ll help you measure the impact. 


Make the complex manageable

We can transform complex, long-form content into high quality, focused microlearning without compromising its sentiment or integrity. This way you get learning that’s engaging, relevant and aligned to your business needs, whether that’s business transformation or a customer service initiative.

Why Sponge?

We have years of experience in creating microlearning that helps organisations to achieve their learning and business goals. Our learning designers are experts in recreating content in a format that’s accessible, focused and supports an on-demand style of learning.

We really get to know your learners and their environments. When we’re familiar with your processes, we look at the technology and devices and work with you to design microlearning programmes aligned to your needs. We’ll use our creativity to take a fresh approach to your project, whether that’s a personalised approach through notifications and emails or integration into existing learning programmes and platforms.

We get results

We have the expertise to understand how microlearning can be applied effectively over time to, to get the results that you want. Our award-winning learning campaigns with Tesco included microlearning as part of a blended approach. Our team had a deep understanding of the change Tesco wanted to see and used microlearning to help achieve their results.

We put the learner experience first

Our games, emails and interactions use questions that encourage learning rather than testing acquired knowledge. People can then learn through feedback and meaningful guidance.

We use micro-assessment to identify gaps and efficiently check whether knowledge has been retained, meaning you can refine future content based on needs. We can also set learners real-world challenges, further supporting the ‘learn as you go’ approach. 

Download: Everything you need to know about microlearning

Learn how to kick start an effective microlearning strategy that improves employee performance. Understand the fundamentals of microlearning, convince key stakeholders and achieve transformational results with this comprehensive guide.

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