Jasmine Whiteleaf - Sponge Visual Designer

Your needs

Manage the demands. Fulfil objectives. Deliver results.

Meeting your needs

Inspired learning that delivers results

Working with businesses in sectors such as healthcare, retail, automotive as well as charities and the public sector, to develop and connect global teams with consistency. Delivering digital learning for multi-language and multi-device flexibility.

Leadership development

Online learning and interactive experiences are powerful tools for developing leaders. They can explore their management and leadership skills in a safe environment and learn how to achieve exceptional results through others. 

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Sales and customer engagement

Successfully transfer knowledge to sales teams and customer-facing employees when they need it. Immersive demos, simulations and launch collateral that work in-house or in store, wins hearts and minds.

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Operating globally

Digital learning technologies enable organisations to meet the challenges of global operations and expansion. Employees can quickly get up to speed with their local legal, HR, marketing and finance issues with content localised and translated for their country. 

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Risk, compliance and cyber security

Compliance has become increasingly complex for global companies. But let’s face it, compulsory training is too often one-way and one-dimensional. Instead, design for relevance, realism and engagement that reduces risk and changes behaviours.

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CSR and sustainability

Sharing your values, commitments and responsibilities is not just about reporting to external stakeholders. Internal and supply chain learning drives awareness and supports ongoing performance.

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Onboarding and talent engagement

First impressions count. Induction programmes ensure that employees are up to speed and feeling motivated from the very beginning of their working relationship. Developing talent boosts retention and nurtures effective career planning.

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Change and transformation

In a shifting world, embracing change is the smart option. Digital learning solutions engage employees in the change process and help businesses evolve and innovate quickly and efficiently.

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