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Do you have employees that need to be onboarded quickly? Do you have people coming back from furlough who need to get up to speed with the new working practices? Maybe some of your staff will have to work from home for the foreseeable future? And if you have a diverse workforce in several regions, countries or speaking different languages, how can you apply training with all these new challenges?

At Sponge we understand how important it is to get your employees training as soon as possible. We understand that speed can be of essence, especially in a rapidly changing business landscape. For that reason:

  • We have highly customisable off-the-shelf modules that can adapt to your needs
  • We can turn a module around in as little as two weeks    
  • We can translate our modules into more than 40 languages
  • We can deploy them to various regions with diverse legislation   
  • Thanks to our mobile-responsive, cloud-based platform, we can deliver training anywhere with an internet connection

All our ready to go modules can be purchased instantly and are SCORM and TinCan compatible. If you'd like to know more, please get in contact with one of our learning experts.

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"GDPR off-the-shelf Sorted game ticked every box for me and Krispy Kreme. It took a boring topic and made it more engaging so that employees are quite happy to complete the training."
Nicky Prangley HR Services Manager Krispy Kreme

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