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Staying consistent and up-to-date on brand knowledge has never been easier (or more enjoyable) for thousands of employees at Coca-Cola European Partners using the online Ambassador Hearts Challenge.

It's hard to find a corner of the world where you can't enjoy a Coke - it's the ultimate global brand. With more than 25,000 employees, Coca-Cola European Partners aims to empower its whole workforce to represent and promote the brand.

Whether in their day-to-day work or social situations, employees need to feel confident in communicating the facts about Coca-Cola's products and challenging misconceptions. Instructor-led workshops meant employees were getting different messages across territories. 

Key challenges:

  • Lack of confidence among Brand Ambassadors
  • Inconsistent messaging across countries
  • Missing opportunities to engage and excite employee
“We needed a fun and engaging way to share brand information and values with employees enterprise-wide across Europe.”
Justin Whayman Senior Manager Instructional Designer Coca-Cola European Partners

The Sponge solution

Loving the brand is central to Coca-Cola’s philosophy so we created the Ambassador Hearts Challenge - a fully responsive, digital learning campaign. Combining facts and fun, it empowers and motivates Coke people to learn the product knowledge they need to boost their confidence.

A mix of quiz-based techniques bring the facts to life through knowledge checks and scenario-based questions.

Correct answers win hearts, with totals over 25 added to a Europe-wide leaderboard. The number of hearts per country was converted into a donation to charity. This gamification element links knowledge to reward, introduces friendly competition to motivate and evokes a sense of community to inspire

Results Coca Cola Macbook Mockup New

The leaderboard was translated into multiple languages so each territory gets maximum engagement from the campaign.

The whole experience was developed by our multi-device design experts using Adapt technology, so employees can access the elearning on any device, making it easier for mobile workers to take part. 

It runs using our analytics platform to display competitor data in a webpage accessible across Europe.

“We carefully designed the questions so they replicate situations that the Ambassadors might face in real life."
Rhea Stevens Senior Learning Designer Sponge
Results Coca Cola Iphone Mockup


Results Coca Cola Icon 01

3,600 employees upskilled Brand Ambassadors

Results Coca Cola Icon 02

Exceeds expectations, with uplifting campaign capturing the heart of the brand

Results Coca Cola Icon 03

Completed across 10 countries

Results Coca Cola Icon 04

Consistent brand messaging across Europe      

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