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Operational managers at Royal Mail are turning challenging conversations into positive ones by seeing the consequences of real scenarios using interactive video.

Royal Mail is the UK’s leading delivery business. The company is undergoing a culture change, as it modernises to meet emerging customer needs. Around 6,500 operational managers deal with employees day-to-day. But they sometimes struggle to have difficult conversations in a positive way. Classroom training was available but there was nothing to help them online.   

Key Challenges:

  • Aligning management behaviours to new values    
  • Empowering managers with new conversation techniques     
  • Making learning accessible   
“We wanted our managers to be able to see the consequences of their approach to these challenging conversations.”
Quote James Barton
James Barton Online Learning Manager Royal Mail

​The Sponge solution

To help Royal Mail increase the confidence of its managers, we developed an interactive video experience focused on positive conversations.

Our custom-made solution is based on real-life scenarios, enabling managers to try conversation responses  that reflect Royal Mail’s new business values.

“Applying interactive branching video in this way is a great method because it allows people to explore a range of decisions and outcomes as if you are the manager involved. The footage created showed conversations that are known to be particularly uncomfortable for managers.”
Quote Kate Nicholls
Kate Nicholls Head of Innovation Sponge
Results Royal Mail Macbook Mockup

By combining interactive video with elearning technology, we created a digital solution that works everywhere in the Royal Mail network – even areas with poor connectivity.

We supported the company in introducing scenario-based video to the business for the first time, helping to set a new standard for engaging online learning that raised empathy and confidence.

“It gave me the chance to evaluate my decisions and develop a better working relationship with an individual involved in a conduct case.”
Manager Royal Mail
“Our managers are taking real value away from the project and making lasting changes to the way they approach difficult conversations.”
Quote James Barton
James Barton Online Learning Manager Royal Mail


Project awards

Learning Technologies Learning Awards finalist 2017

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