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Embedding customer first principles for new recruits

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Interactive video

New starters at Toyota Motor Europe are immersed in the company’s business ethos thanks to an interactive video tour of the entire customer journey.

Leading car manufacturer, Toyota employs 20,000 people across Europe. The business has a core principle at its heart: Customer first. To Toyota, it is very important that new employees understand this principle and how different functions of the business work together to add value to customer experience and recommendation.

In the past, the message was getting lost during orientation days, where each business function gave their own face-to-face presentation. A more integrated approach was needed to help new hires understand the whole customer story.

Key Challenges:

  • Inconsistent delivery of “customer first” message
  • Clarifying how different functions collaborate for success
  • Reassuring and enthusing new recruits about their decision to join
“We wanted our new colleagues to really understand what makes Toyota special, how we put the customer first in everything we do and for them to feel reassured that they have joined a great place to work.”
European Learning and Development team Toyota Motor Europe

The Sponge solution

We’ve worked with Toyota for nearly a decade but this was the first time we’d collaborated on the company’s pan-European induction programme. Spending time at the start of the project analysing the requirement and holding structured interviews with stakeholders really paid off in terms of developing potential ideas in line with expectations.

The solution we proposed was an interactive video tour of the Toyota Customer Journey so new starters could see the customer value chain from beginning to end. As the new employee moves through the interactive video, they can click on hotspots to watch video clips with experts. These give them bite-size insights, helping new hires understand what each business function does for the customer and how they link together. Quizzes are interspersed in the video so new hires can check their knowledge as they go.

“We designed the interactive video to be shot from a first-person perspective. It adds to the immersive quality and feels much more exploratory for learners.”
Quote Kate Nicholls
Kate Nicholls Head of Innovation Sponge
Results Toyota Macbook Mockup

Our experience of working with Toyota meant the company trusted us to implement an innovative solution. It resulted in a more engaging and consistent orientation while saving time and money. The interactive video has proved such a great guide to the customer journey that it’s also being used as a refresher for existing staff.

“Sponge really understood our need. They generated innovative ideas that suited Toyota and the way we do business.”
European Learning and Development team Toyota Motor Europe


Results Toyota Icon 01

Consistent and integrated onboarding for all new starters

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87% of learners satisfied and using elearning to get up to speed more quickly  

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5 hr orientation day condensed into 1hr experience 

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Time released, enabling experts to give new employees more one-to-one support     

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