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7,500 staff at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust are staying safe on the job with more time to spend with patients, through an engaging elearning programme that’s delivering big cost benefits.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest NHS Trusts in England, providing community, mental health, learning disability and children’s services. Health workers are based at over 230 sites, making classroom sessions time-consuming and costly. Strong compliance is vital for the health sector and staff must complete mandatory training regularly. The Trust’s existing elearning was perceived as too dull, generic and repetitive, and unsuitable for new recruits.

Key Challenges:

  • Maintaining safe services while reducing costs
  • Releasing more time to spend with patients
  • Delivering more enjoyable and flexible elearning for staff
“We were missing opportunities to engage staff on a larger scale. We could see that a more modern approach would have big advantages.”
Quote Bobby Moth
Bobby Moth Associate Director of Leadership, Education and Development Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

The Sponge solution

Thirteen compliance topics are brought to life in responsive elearning modules, allowing health workers to build their knowledge when and where it suits them. The concise design fits with their 24/7 shift patterns. Over 7,500 classroom attendances are no longer required, freeing up more time for the people that matter most, the patients.

From fire safety to safeguarding children, we carefully pinpointed the most appropriate approach for each topic. We guided the trust in introducing gamification for the first time, balancing fun with effectiveness.

Results Nhs Mackbook Mockup
“I enjoyed the fire safety training for the first time ever and found it much easier to remember afterwards.”
Community Nurse

Each module has extra resources to download so there’s always more for employees who want to go deeper on a topic. Staff have individual access to subject experts via video conferencing, so there’s always a way to ask extra questions.

This high quality elearning has set a new standard for NHS compliance training and other Health Trusts are now looking to adopt the same approach.

“Introducing aspects like gamification for the first time felt like a brave step forward. Thankfully, staff responded really well, rewarding our decision to take the plunge.”
Quote Stuart Harris
Stuart Harris Development & Training Business Manager Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust


Project awards

Best Public Sector ProgrammeTraining Journal Awards finalist 2016

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