Compliance and risk mitigation

Building the culture for success

Protecting your business and managing risk is vital to success

Whether it’s cybersecurity, data protection, workplace ethics or health and safety; there’s so much to take on board in this constantly changing landscape.

At Sponge, we understand that compliance is complex, so we work with you to make your people the key to strong risk management. We work with global businesses to provide bespoke elearning solutions across all mandatory training requirements, including:

  • Compliance and mandatory training
  • Cybersecurity
  • Health and safety
  • Code of ethics
  • Data protection
  • Mental wellbeing
  • CSR and sustainability
  • Diversity

We’ll work with you to make vast and complex topics engaging and easy to consume, using learning games, immersive technologies and storytelling. Best of all our learning solutions have tangible and measurable outcomes that you can feed back into the business.

“This suite of elearning modules has transformed the way in which we deliver compliance training at Tesco.”

David Ward, Regulatory, Ethics & Compliance Director, Tesco

See how Tesco deliver global compliance

Could your people be your best defence?

By investing in memorable and engaging compliance learning you can achieve:

Effective change management:

make sure actions and behaviours are informed solidly over time to protect your business as risks change.

A continuous
compliance culture:

protect your business from the inside out with memorable learning experiences.

High participation

simply because, when compliance training is this fun, people want to take part.


reinforce knowledge deep enough to influence behaviour, so everybody consistently makes good decisions.

“Cybersecurity Sorted is an invaluable tool for instilling cybersecurity awareness in all employees across any organisation.”

Michael Dieroff, UK Chairman of the Digital Policy Alliance’s Security Skills and Partnerships Council and CEO, BluescreenIT

Discover the Cybersecurity Sorted game

Taking compliance training to a whole new level

56% report user engagement and 46% report dull and boring content as a barrier to compliance training success

Using creative techniques and the latest technologies, Sponge transforms mandatory learning into highly engaging training for global companies. We address every client individually, tailoring the solution and technologies used to their exact needs. We use interactive experiences such as games, 360° video and virtual reality to provide people with a safe space to practise.  Using human-centred design, we build memorable training that’s personalised to the needs of individuals. And, of course, we build in measurement, so you not only have documented reporting but can track more meaningful data beyond completion rates. 

“GDPR Sorted ticked every box for me and Krispy Kreme. It took a boring topic and made it more engaging so that employees are quite happy to complete the training.”

Nicky Prangley, HR Services Manager, Krispy Kreme

See how we brought GDPR compliance training to life with our GDPR Sorted game

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