Skills enhancement

unleashing the potential in your people

How do you stand out in a highly competitive business world?

When the pace of change is relentless, you need confident, skilled people at the top of their game. They’re already in your ranks, you just need to unleash their potential.

At Sponge, we’re helping global businesses deliver elearning experiences that have a powerful impact on their employees, along with measurable personal and business outcomes. Through combining our learning knowledge with digital technologies, we can gift your people the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs brilliantly across a number of areas:

  • Sales leadership
  • Product knowledge
  • Customer experience
  • Role-specific training

We design seriously creative elearning experiences that help your employees feel empowered and confident in their roles, able to use their talent to deliver more for your business. Whatever success looks like for your business, we’ll help you get there.

AXA identified the need to empower and educate its insurance advisors on recognising opportunities to have meaningful interactions
with their customers.

See how we helped embed a ‘customer first’ culture at AXA

Grow your people, grow your business

Think how much happier you are when you know how to do a job and have confidence in your abilities. Imagine if everyone in your business felt like this, every day. We’ll work hard to make this your reality; identifying where your skills gaps lie and building a targeted skills enhancement strategy, through digital learning techniques, that’s right for your business.
Here’s just a few of the benefits of getting your learning strategy in place:


develop confident managers with the skills to lead the business and inspire loyalty from their teams.

Improved customer experience:

upskill frontline staff to effectively manage your customer relationship and your reputation.

A highly
performing team:

where your people feel happier, empowered and able to take ownership.

A collaborative

when people have the skills and confidence to communicate more openly and effectively, they achieve more for the business.

Tangible, measurable and impactful learning


of UK workers say their skills are mismatched with their job role.

There’s a whole world of digital learning opportunities available to help your people realise their potential and support their career development. Maybe a blended approach to deliver a long-term gain, or a bite-sized microlearning solution to fit in with your people’s busy working days; whatever the solution you need we’ll make sure it’s tangible, measurable and delivers an immediate positive impact.

And by including interactive and experiential elements, we’ll create digital learning that enables your people to practise at their own pace, so they can apply their skills on the job, making it that much more meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Let's talk

If you’re looking for a bespoke elearning solution that boosts your team’s skills and their confidence, give us a call on 0207 967 1696 to chat through your needs.

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