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Welcome to Bolt’s SPARK Learning Management System

Spark is powered by cutting-edge technology that can deliver compliance training, blended learning, virtual ‘face-to-face’ learning and more – from one single platform. The next-generation features like gamified learning, facial recognition or eSignature collection, make us a leader in what we can do for our clients to succeed, expand and grow.

Created and built to maximise the ease of user experience

With built-in surveys, powerful monitoring and reporting, our LMS is a one-stop-shop on both sides of the dual carriageway: we empower you to deliver and monitor training from one single system. Support throughout all the stages of development and implementation is guaranteed here at Bolt. We provide user friendly detailed 'how-to's as well as fine detail tuning and consultancy.

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What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? 

  • Imagine the most efficient training college ever, that offers a wide and exciting range of courses to meet all your training needs. 
  • Imagine courses that are innovative, interesting and designed to meet a variety of trainee abilities and learning styles.
  • Imagine a superb administrative system that identifies and enrolls trainees, keeps check on their progress and achievements. 
  • Imagine this as big or as small as you need, in a range of different languages.
  • Imagine all this delivered digitally, on-demand, online, 24/7 to their computer, laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

Features and benefits

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