Video and animation

Bringing learning to life

People love video. In fact, the world watches billions of hours of video content online every single day. From animations, to interactive dramatised scenarios, video is a core building block of digital learning, bringing stories to life to engage and inspire. Video content is perfect for sharing expertise, creating authentic experiences, evoking emotion and provoking conversation.

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Boost engagement and bring topics to life

Video in its essence, is a learning medium, that’s why it’s seamlessly woven into our digital learning and often used to boost engagement and signpost to other relevant learning content.


Make the complex easy to understand

Video and animation are powerful tools for explaining complex topics, distilling the learning into manageable takeaways and communicating visually to make an impact. Adding interactivity to video content embeds learning more deeply, allowing people to explore and discover at their own pace.


Deliver an experience that resonates

From the concept stage, to final delivery, we’ll work out what’s best served up as video content and how to make it as effective as possible. We’ll help you unlock the opportunities to engage, educate and inspire your people using bespoke video and animation, to communicate content relevant to your most important business challenges.


Supporting your business challenges

From granular processes to global transformation, video and animation are versatile mediums. Whether you need a short explainer video, to tell a story without words to inspire universal empathy; or you need a professional ‘piece to camera’ video to explain changes happening within your business, video is an impactful way to achieve your goals.

Why Sponge?

At Sponge, we combine our broad range of film and visual capabilities with our award-winning learning design and development expertise to create impactful video and animation.


We create high quality productions with strong learning outcomes. Any professional design agency can deliver a glossy video; where we shine is producing relevant, focused content that that meets business needs and overcomes learner challenges.

Consultative approach

We can help you navigate the broad range of options within video and animation, from one-off explainer videos to an episodic approach that supports a long-term piece of learning. We’ll work with you to choose the right style and format for your project.

Expert team  

Our multi-disciplinary team of script writers, film-makers, directors, animators and developers, work together to deliver a video and animation service of the highest quality, all under one roof.


We use our experience and expertise to help you identify the best people to appear in your learning videos, whether that’s your own people or actors. 


We have the capability and expertise to add layers of interaction and branching to video and animation content to support better learning.


When we create bespoke videos, we embrace your brand’s aesthetic, tone and values, to ensure an authentic experience for your learners.

Download: A rough guide to interactive video

A handbook on using interactive video in elearning

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